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1 Unit MyOradent Tooth Powder Regular Aluminum Box

(16 customer reviews)




Recommended by Osbon Pharmacy Group and our regular Consumers

After years of research we can proudly say that we have developed a product which can help reducing dental problems. It relates more particularly to an improved tooth powder which, retaining all the characteristics of ordinary tooth powder from the standpoint of effectiveness as a dentifrice has improved therapeutic value. Mild, Moderate and Severe Gingivitis treatment and prevention or suffering from any other Periodontal problem – we have a solution for everyone!



My Oradent comprises of at least 96% by weight Natural Calcium Carbonate particles, wherein the Natural Calcium Carbonate has a median particle size of less than 20 microns. Flavoring agent includes the flavoring oils i.e. oil of peppermint, Eucalyptus oil, Eugenol and Methylsalicylate. A sweetening agent is also included in this tooth-powder namely Sodium Saccharine. This product was Tested for No Abrasion to Enamel by the American Dental Association (ADA) and International Standard Organization (ISO).

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We are Offering 100% Money-back Guarantee


Complete Solutions of:
Gingivitis, Periodontists, Bleeding gums, Swollen gums, Bad breath, Gum problem, Pyorrhea, Mouth bacteria, Receding gums

16 reviews for 1 Unit MyOradent Tooth Powder Regular Aluminum Box

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    I had really a big problem of bleeding gums. I used whatever was available on the chemist’s shelves to get rid of this problem. One of my friends recommended me to try My Oradent. As a toothpowder it did not appeal to me. But I had nothing to lose since it was “Money back guarantee”. I used it as it advised. What a shock to see that my bleeding gums were not the same as they were before using My Oradent. I am so happy that my friend gave me the name of My Oradent. It is magic, it is magnificent. So simple and so effective.

  2. Harry

    I was suffering from bleeding and sore gums for long time. I have tried everything and anything to get relief from this problem. I have used all those products which are available on pharmacies or chemists’ shelves. But the magic of My Oradent is so revolutionary that within 4 – 5 weeks, it changed so effectively that I cannot believe that such a simple product has got such a high calibre. Nothing to lose. Just go for My Oradent Toothpowder.

  3. Crawley Chemist West Sussex (verified owner)

    We supply Crawley Chemist My Oradent regularly and the chemist and their customers are happy with My Oradent.

  4. Fatima (verified owner)

    A fabulous dental care product. If you have been suffering from any level of gum disease, I recommend you use My Oradent twice a day and find the magic result of this unique product “My oradent”. It is above all other dental care products.

  5. Irene (verified owner)

    I would like to recommend My Oradent to anyone who has been suffering from swollen or bleeding gums. I used it only for three weeks twice a day and the sustainable result started to show within two weeks. It is a remarkable product.

  6. Unakarikari (verified owner)

    My family and I have been using Oradent tooth powder for 3weeks now, it been so great of an experience for us and we love how this product is so kind to our gums and teeth. It’s truly a great product. We would highly recommend My Oradent to any who suffers from any gum disease. It is a value for money.

  7. Diane Phillip (verified owner)

    “My husband and I have been using My Oradent for few weeks now and we can see the sustainable effects and significant improvement this product has made on our gums and teeth. We would thoroughly recommend My Oradent to anyone looking for better dental hygiene”.

  8. Ellen (verified owner)

    I am willing to continue using it as I have had good result with the whitening effect. My Oradent has noticeably lightened the yellowness of my teeth and I am pleased with it”.

  9. John

    I feel your product is really good

  10. Mark

    Hi, I have used My Oradent for three weeks now, but still no change in my receding gums, I will continue to use for another six weeks and will tell you if my gums improve

  11. Christine

    Just want to say that it did all you said. It cleans and my gums have stopped bleeding. Thank you

  12. Trish

    Yes, I am really enjoying your tooth powder. It is great tasting and does the job very well. Will order more once if finished the refill.

  13. Elain

    Good product good price

  14. Jan

    Well let me think……
    Value for money ✔️
    Eco packaging ✔️
    Excellent quality ✔️
    Ticks all the boxes, my only little negative is the taste…. very minty, which normally
    I would like…… however, now I’m having chemo type drugs (not cancer though) and the powder is making my mouth hot!

  15. Willy

    I need my amount back, I am using it for 2 days and didn’t find any rapid result

  16. Gillie

    I originally tried this from a dentist in Brighton who had some samples and loved it. I would like to continue using it

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