Our Differential

After years of research we can proudly say that we have developed a product which can help reducing dental problems. It relates more particularly to an improved tooth powder which, retaining all the characteristics of ordinary tooth powder from the standpoint of effectiveness as a dentifrice has improved therapeutic value. Mild, Moderate and Severe Gingivitis treatment and prevention or suffering from any other Periodontal problem – we have a solution for everyone!


My Oradent comprises of at least 96% by weight Natural Calcium Carbonate particles, wherein the Natural Calcium Carbonate has a median particle size of less than 20 microns. Flavoring agent includes the flavoring oils i.e. oil of peppermint, Eucalyptus oil, Eugenol and Methylsalicylate. A sweetening agent is also included in this toothpowder namely Sodium Saccharine. This product was Tested for No Abrasion to Enamel by the American Dental Association (ADA) and International Standard Organization (ISO).

Why in Powder Form?

My Oradent is a proven and tested product which provides protection to the commonly occurring dental diseases, i.e., dental decay and gum diseases. The essential oils provide protection against gum diseases and calcium carbonate helps to neutralize the pH of the oral cavity which reduces the chances of decay to occur. The powder form also plays an important role in reducing gum diseases. It stays in contact to the gums for a longer time; absorbs through it and hence strengthen the fibers which anchors the teeth, plus, the neutralization effect makes the oral bacteria impotent, and subsequently, they either lose their activity or unable to produce the destructive enzymes. On the other hand, the combination of essential oils which are very beneficial for gums lose its efficacy while in paste form.